About Us

"Following our Quarterly Planning Meeting on Monday, I would like to share the following summary feedback as a reflection on what is now about 5 quarters of working with you and the EOS process. 

Precision Laboratories is a better company than it was 15 months ago.  We execute better, we perform better, we communicate better, and we get more done in less time.  The “We” here started out as the senior leadership team and it is expanding into the rest of the company.  I’ll reemphasize the “perform” part, the bottom line is better.

The management team works together better than ever.  A major part of the improvement comes from the structure of EOS and the pulse/rhythm of our Level 10 meetings.  We have more focus, more robustness, more clarity and more resolution than ever, and I have worked with some of these people for over 20 years. 

In our last quarter, we completed over 20 major projects. Over 20 in one quarter among 6 people!  And, all the rest of our normal work was conducted at the same time.  Without qualification I can state, “We would never have achieved in Q2 – 2013 what we did, if it wasn’t for our EOS training and adoption, and your support, facilitation and consulting.” 

Lastly I’ll state that it hasn’t been that difficult.  We’ve had to work on change, for sure.  And one has to be committed, which we are.  But we’re not talking about hard work here.  We have to be consistent and focused.  I would recommend that your clients, or future clients, continue to work with you each quarter, even though they could become independent.  Working with a forceful pro, like you, elevates our game.

- Rick Wohlner, CEO, Precision Labs


"In a day and a half, Dan and Bill understood our business, helped us think through a wide range of strategic options, and then took a small idea and turned it into a big idea.  I would encourage anyone who wants to build a healthier, more profitable business to talk with them.”

- Mike Cipriano, Partner, Millennia Group


"We needed assistance deciding whether or not to pursue a specific industry segment, and if so, how to best approach the market.  Bill and Dan quickly developed a keen understanding of our business, company culture, and marketplace dynamics.  In a situation characterized by lots of uncertainty, they helped us focus on the issues that really mattered, then map out both strategic and tactical pathways to new revenue.  They also went beyond the immediate assignment and came up with thoughtful, pragmatic ideas and insights around our brand, products, how we interact with our customers and more - all focused on improving our bottom line."

- Kurt Owen, Director of Product Management, Klein Tools, Inc.


About Dan

“Dan didn’t just get up to speed quickly.  He arrived up to speed.  He assessed the landscape, gathered and analyzed the pertinent data, and confronted the 800-pound gorillas in the room. He directed us to the highest priority areas for improvement, and helped us find pragmatic, fact-based solutions. What made him especially unusual was that he did this in a matter of days, not weeks or months. I've worked with lots of consultants and advisors, and if I hadn't seen him do it, I wouldn't have believed that it could have been done.”

- Valerie Levenberg, Former Senior Vice President, Edison Schools, Inc.


"Dan has a tremendous gift, the ability to see and focus on the big picture and direction of an entire industry while fully grasping all the minute details that are critical for driving change. I found him to be insightful and articulate, and I highly valued his inventive ideas and viewpoints.  I would not hesitate to work with him again."

- Tom Modero, Senior Vice President, Business Model Redesign Project


"Dan is smart and thinks well on his feet, but that comes with the territory.  More importantly, I trust him because he always told me the truth.  And I know he has courage because he was in a situation where he was under a lot of pressure not to tell me the truth, and he told me the truth anyway.  I would work with him again in a heartbeat."

- Rick Iandoli, Former Division Controller, Edison Schools, Inc.


About Bill

"When Bill ran Global Operations for Diners Club International I had the pleasure of working with him on a handful of projects.  The way he engages with stakeholders and subject matter experts in working group sessions fosters an environment where every participant happily and actively contributes ideas and solutions.  He has the ability to see a situation with crystal clarity and find the best solution.  I have also watched him make those who are directly impacted by the change feel comfortable with it and embrace it.  For example, he drove a business model change that revolutionized the fundamental way 56 independent businesses around the world managed risk. It is core to our business' success and created a lift in customer satisfaction that translated into both increased sales and decreased losses and expenses.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with Bill again anytime."


- Selina Cheong, Head of Risk, Diners Club Australia/Citibank



As one of his franchisee customers, I worked with Bill on a number of initiatives when he was SVP Strategic Initiatives at Diners Club International.  Bill always sought to find deep insights into any problem and successfully came up with the best solution that balanced the varied interests of 50+ independent franchisees and served our customers.  

Bill was always prudent with our investment funds and even when the rest of the industry was throwing money at a particular technology, Bill would analyze the situation accurately and lead the best choices for the Diners Club global network.


- Marija Radonic, Deputy President of the Management Board,

Erste Card Club, Croatia



“I have heard Bill speak twice, and both were very engaging and interesting experiences. Bill has a very easy and unassuming manner which allows him to establish great rapport with his audiences. His material strongly grounded in research, and also very practical in its application. I would highly recommend Bill for anyone looking to explore business strategy options."


- Gary Roll, Social Media and LinkedIn Coach at Hands On Learning

In a day and a half, Dan and Bill understood our business, helped us think through a wide range of strategic options, and then took a small idea and turned it into a big idea.  I would encourage anyone who wants to build a healthier, more profitable business to talk with them.”