Leaders As Risk Takers

A new company in Chicago, born from a great pedigree, follows the following doctrine.:

    1. Reflect unimpeachable high integrity.
    2. Endorse or create business or models that most people find too risky or too far ahead.
    3. Hire and partner with people much smarter that us in pertinent domain expertise.
    4. Encourage a work environment of unbounded creativity on one hand that is balanced with process rigor on the other.
    5. Create a work environment where good people can do great things, and great people can achieve extraordinary things.

For this leadership team the safest place to be is to be far, far ahead of what experts deem possible and workable.

Currently they consist of 750 employees and have established offices in Chicago, Washington D.C., Shanghai, Kiev and St Petersburg.

Who are they?  The Galvin brothers of Motorola fame, who understand leadership and have a family tradition of pursuing innovation as a driver of growth and wealth.