Steve Jobs – OS Guy!

No, we’re not talking about OSX version whatever.   And we’re not talking about Steve the Mad Genius.  This is Steve the Leader.

In our last post, we described how having a strong “Operating System” in your business will make everything else work better and help you get what you want.  One of the key components of your operating system is People – organizing seats around simple, clear lines of accountability, filling each seat with the right person – someone whom everyone on the team fully trusts to do that job brilliantly – and then fostering completely open, honest debate in which everyone fights for the greater good of the company. 

In this 2-minute video, you can hear the late Steve Jobs describe how he accomplished that at Apple. 

What Jobs describes is exactly the kind of team we help companies create by implementing EOS®.  If you would like to unleash the power of your team so they can help you get what you want from your business, please contact us!