What is EOS?

The EOS Model®

EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is a simple, proven set of tools and processes that will enable you to become strong at the truly fundamental aspects of running your business.  These are things everyone deals with – you can’t have a business and not deal with them.  But they are so foundational, the world takes for granted that we all know how to do them well. And the truth is that most of us could be better at them than we are.

With EOS, we will help you get strong at The Six Key Components® of your business.  This system has been proven in thousands of companies over more than 15 years.  The results are clear – the stronger you are at The Six Key Components, the better your business will do.

Why It Works

Getting stronger at The Six Key Components will get you three things:

Vision:  Everyone in your company – 100 out of 100 people – completely clear and fully aligned with Who We Are, Why We’re Here, Where We’re Going and How We’re Going to Get There.  So every one of your people will be rowing in the same direction, and that will get you there faster.

Traction:  The Clarity, Focus, Discipline and Accountability that will result in everyone in your business getting more work done in less time.

Healthy:  An environment of complete openness, honesty, vulnerability and trust in which people stop being political, start telling the truth.  Where anything can be said, any issue can be raised, and everyone on the team fights for the greater good of the business.

Would your company be better if 100% of your people were rowing in the same direction, getting more done in less time, in a cohesive environment of openness, honesty and deep trust?

If your answer is “yes,” then EOS may be for you.

How Do I Learn More?

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